World Meets Logan

Hello and welcome to my personal website. I’m keeping this blog for the time directly after I graduated from Seattle University with bachelors in Economics (where I concentrated in international development policy and application). Is this site about economics? No! I have decided in the last six months to pursue programming instead of further degrees in economics. The few programming tools I learned while studying for my degree (RStudio, STATA, & SAS, you rock!) allowed me to do some pretty magical things and I’d like to continue learning.

The blog posts before June are all from my time abroad in different capacities during my undergraduate career. They are stories and memories from time spent in Nigeria learning Yorùbá, my research in Pune with the organization Pratham, and my experiences living in Nepal and Western India two years ago. In these posts you can see me doing things like learning new languages, meeting amazing people, and avoiding selfies on boats:

If you like that kind of thing, go directly to my travel blog! If it’s just social justice you like, head to The Catalyst, a social justice publication I edited and wrote for throughout college.

If you like reading about someone trying to learn a new complex thing, follow away! This blog will contain the tales of beautiful struggles:

  • The struggle to learn a complex skill-set;
  • The struggle to find my place in what I see as an unbalanced and unequal world (and then dismantle systems from that place), and;
  • My struggle just to maintain my mental and physical health somewhere in there.


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