Ada Week 1

Phew. It’s actually the beginning of week 2 right now! I meant to write this up RIGHT after class on Friday and then we went out to celebratory drinks and then I fell asleep immediately. But I promised to try to write every week for you (mom) and I’m trying not to let you down.

At the end of today we had our first mini “retrospective” and for the first time in the last 10 days I actually slowed down a little to think about how and what I’m doing in this program and this year long journey I’ve just jumped into. Our retrospective came today instead of last Friday because we were so into our projects last Friday we forgot to even take a break and realize that week 1 was over! So far it’s been a lot of eating, breathing, thinking, dreaming of code and at the same time it is beautiful and scary and enlightening and horrifying. First of all, I’ve had a ton of fun this week with all of my Adies. They are a group of awesome, laid-back, and kick-ass humans all with really interesting stories we are all still unfolding together. But most of the time has been spent concentrating on one thing: Ruby and getting up to speed with programming basics and syntax.

Already, with only five days of class we’ve all built:

  • A menu generator that randomly creates horrifying/tasty menus from user input,
  • A calculator that can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and more,
  • A program that yells at your grandmother,
  • A program that calculates leap years,
  • A program that sorts any words it’s given,
  • And finally an entire solar system made up of planets and allows users to create their own planets

In only five days we created the solar system! Ok, not really, but sometimes that’s what it feels like looking back.

My hardest critic is myself. Every time I write a script I look at it and see every repetition, every inefficiency, all the ill-constructed logic. But looking back on this week and seeing 100+ line programs that WORK and thinking about where I was months ago when I started to get interested in programming is amazing. We have come so far and it’s only a week! I am seriously impressed with us. It can be hard knowing that my code could get better and not knowing exactly how but OF COURSE it could. This is week one. I am a beginner.

There was a moment last week. I think it was Thursday. I just looked around me and looked at what I was doing and thought about how lucky I was. It was maybe 3:00 pm and I was no where near bored, deep in a problem, and had infinite amounts left to improve and learn. As I move through the program I hope to keep that moment of wonder with me.

Other than all this programming stuff, this week we also had a ton of fun going around the city on a scavenger hunt and play lots of ice breaker games. You can find our team’s winning photos here. (Legally I have to tell you that our team didn’t actually win. But we felt like winners anyway.)

Alright, until week 2! Also, hello Cohort 3. We all can’t wait to meet you!!!

fairy lAdies team looking great before heading out!

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