Hello there!

Happy Friday! I know that I’ve been missing in action for most of this month. After the excitement of getting into Ada and yet the (seemingly) long period between then and the start date (Tuesday!!!) I have been busy getting ready for the programming and saying my parting words to my loved ones. I’m kidding. Mostly. Ada is going to be a really intense experience. I’ve given up on imagining how intense exactly. So I’ve let my friends know I won’t be around as much. I had my birthday this week 🙂 and got surprised after a running class by some of my close friends as a congratulations for getting in and a reminder of how much I’m supported. It was pretty cute. Tonight we are all playing capture the flag at the park and I’m excited to play with all of them.

Other than that I’ve been working at my Ada pre-work, which consists of some Codeacademy HTML/CSS review and Zed Shaw’s Ruby tutorial. It’s been a little hard to stay focused in the homework. Most of it is review for me in terms of the concepts, but on the other hand I know I haven’t *memorized* the syntax and that I could always be faster at the command line and the ruby documentation. But it’s hard to push yourself when you’re like “Hey I got in! And I know this stuff! Pschchhh.” I’ve been saying that I’m just taking it easy before the storm hits but that little voice in my head keeps calling out “You could do more!” I’m sure that voice will be quivering in fear next week once I’m swamped in code. But I’ve been chilling a lot and relaxing. Me chilling:

Coding with sister, which is chill.
Getting ice cream, which is chilled.
Getting ice cream, which is chilled.

Overall, I’m super super super excited to meet my cohort, the previous cohorts, and the staff at Ada. I’m also elated to be coding and doing something I love, engaging in great conversations about tech and society, and have a loving community.

I will TRY to write once a week on this blog. At least for the first week. I’ve also been running and lifting a lot which feels awesome so I got to keep that balance.

P.S. Hero of the blog Mary Thompson got me a Raspberry Pi for my birthday and I am STOKED to start playing around with programming some hardware. What what.

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