Hello followers (mom, hi). I am very pleased to announce that I’m taking my coding hobby pro in September as part of Ada Developers Academy‘s fourth cohort! I am beyond excited. When I got the notice I had to read the email like a billion times over before it became real. It still isn’t real but today our cohort got to finally (virtually) meet. I am so stoked to be joining the team and have a group of 23 other women who share this awesome opportunity.

So what does that mean? Ada Developers Academy is a Seattle-based 12-month program for women that jumpstarts their careers in tech. Starting on September 21, I will begin the seven-month classroom phase which includes intensive programming study in Ruby, Javascript, and the Full-Stack. After that, I’ll be in a five-month internship with a local puget sound company. It’s going to be a really intense experience not only intellectually but also personally. I’ll have way less time for my friends now and have a whole new set of very close friends. I have had some experience with cohorts and communities like this (University Honors, the Sullivan scholarship) in which people from very different backgrounds are put through an intense collaborative experience. It is not easy. But the idea is that we come out the other end with a strongly connected group of peers to support us going into this industry. And I’m confident we are up to that.

Anyway, the same day I found about Ada I burned my hand pretty bad on a pot at my dishwashing job so I took it as a sign. I’m really excited to move past this summer and start this next chapter. Ada is giving me the amazing opportunity to do that. Now I just have to finish all the prework and get things in order for the Fall. Also, Ada will be hosting another cohort starting January 2016 so if you are at all interested in applying, DO IT! And I would be happy to talk, help, advise as best I can, etc. so please contact me.

Last note, I am part of Ada’s fourth cohort. So I am in Ada Cohort 4, but another way of putting it is Ada Cohort[3] or Ada[3]. This is the way arrays work because they start counting at 0 so the cohorts so far are [0, 1, 2, 3] … four cohorts!

I hope to blog throughout my Ada experience so stay tuned! Now, celebrating!

3 thoughts on “What’s Next? ADA DEVELOPERS ACADEMY!

  1. Hi Logan! Congrats on getting accepted and I hope you are having the time of your life. I was hoping to converse with you on some advice for the upcoming cohort application process. I appreciate you offering advice to aspiring applicants and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!
    – Alayna Carter


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