Sunny Saturdays

So I didn’t write a single line of code today. I originally had planned to write a lot. However, I decided to take a self-care day and push my body instead of my mind. I went on a long bike ride through Seattle with my friend Liv. We are both new to biking longer distances so it was fun to have an equally n00b riding partner. Here is us getting lost near Seward Park, trying to find our way back to the top of a huge hill.

Liv and I on our bikes lost somewhere near Seward Park.
Liv and I on our bikes lost somewhere near Seward Park.

At the end of our ride I felt exhausted in all the best ways and also realizing that my friend Max is right and I need to get clip-ons. However, most of the day was also gone, meaning I missed an opportunity to code.

Liv is currently studying for the LSATs and we talked about logic problems, trading study knowledge. I realized that I study best for longer periods of time and in the mornings. I am going to have to adjust my schedule for that over the next couple of months in order to get the most out of this time I have to concentrate on programming and getting into coding camps. I think I’ll have to try to set aside mornings. Also, self-care exercise is going to be really helpful with my dish-washing job. Usually, I am so tired after working lifting things and moving dishes and generally being on my feet, that my brain gets tired too. However, the better shape I’m in the more I’m able to turn that physical activity into motivation for my brain, not exhaustion. Liv and I are going to try to work out together. She’s an athlete (*makes fantastic mr. fox hand motion*) so she promised to help me get started training.

Also, I bought a pair of v. serious running shoes today. I have started running more regularly and I want to pick a 10k or half-maration in the coming months to tackle. I’m really excited about getting into better running shape and my stamina already feels much better.

So there it is! A long day of self-caring without much code, but still feels great.

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