So it Ends (and Begins)

Hello and welcome to my new blog. Let’s cover some basics:

Who? Logan. A recent early-20s-something graduate living in Seattle. Loves tea, coffee, conversations with animals, and learning languages in whatever form they may take. The title of my blog, “Logan Meets World” is inspired by the generally clumsy way I go about my interactions with the world. While, I try to meet every place and person with holy envy and intention I often find myself bumbling through the world constantly searching. Come with me as I meet new places, people, animals, abstract concepts, and things along the way. It’s also a gentle nod to the first line most programming right, printing “Hello World.” This blog is my elongated version of that first introduction.

Why? While I studied economics and development in college, I have taken up a deep interest in coding and programming in the last six months. This blog is to track my progress as a recent graduate and give me something intellectually-stimulating to do between dish washing shifts at my job or something relaxing to do between intense sessions of learning how to code.

How?…What? Blogging at least every day on the following topics – programming && coding, self-care, social/racial/gender-justice and thoughts on allyship, being young and aimless in Seattle, and general Logan silliness. I am currently supporting myself through washing dishes (a far cry from what my parents probably expected when I graduated summa cum laude in economics) and doing contract work in economic consulting. So this blog is brought to you by clean dishes and a dirty conscience!

Where? Here! On this blog, Logan Meets World.

When? Every *clap* Single *clap* Day *clap*

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