“Office Versus Field” 

I’ve had the opportunity to re-visit some digital learning field sites in Pune in the last couple of weeks. I wanted to show you some of the contrasts between where I work and where I observe the technology in use in education efforts. This directly relates to my post “The T Word.”

1&2: Baner – Our white board in the office. We are shifting towards JavaScript and HTML games, moving away from C# and Unity code. Here’s some brainstorming about code databases we could possibly use. Shivajinagar – A young student playing Holi on the Maharashtran holiday Rangapanchami. The stairs on her left lead up to the small digital center afterschool program. 

3&4: Baner – Spacious and quiet office space where we code and create digital content. Shivajinagar – A meeting of शिक्षक shikshak (teachers) in the digital office where they are paid their stipend, discuss local new and gossip, and share new teaching techniques. 

5&6: Baner – The quiet and lovely courtyard where we stretch and take breaks from long hours at the computer or in meetings. Shivajinagar – the alleyway in the neighborhood where the digital centers are located. 

7&8: Baner – My computer running ASER datasets from technology initiatives across all of India, containing baseline and endline data for thousands of children evaluated by ASER. Shivajinagar – Three children gather around an old laptop to play videos after videos about fractions before taking their assessments for that week. 

9&10: Baner – An assessment test created by ASER and Pratham to evaluate Math skills. Instructions are clearly marked in Marathi, although occasionally English is used. I was happy to see that even on English assessment tests, questions were always both in Marathi and English. Shivajinagar – A twelve year old student in Standard 7, Pramita’s notebook filled with math notes from the interactive educational videos. 

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