1 & 2. Jalebi and curd. A sickenly sweet confection and creamy condensed curd. You can see how it’s made, fried in hot oil.  

3 & 4. Fun night out with the host family. Pune is really starting to feel like home.

5. Chapatis and traditional Indian vegetables, preparing for a family dinner.

6. The living room is full of chess boards. My host father is a chess coach and I often come home to nearly half a dozen kids playing chess throughout the house or up on the terrace. I’ve played and won 4/5 of my games against his students… his six-year old students. Here I’m helping Molly learn to play and a real game is going on next to us.

7. Tabla, a traditional Indian drum, is made into dozens of lights at the classical Indian music concert we went to on Friday.

8. The Osho Ashram gardens in Pune, very peaceful and lovely place.

9. In the Osho garden for meditation, with the family Molly and I spent the weekend with in Koregaon Park in Pune.

10. My host mom is SO GOOD at packed lunches, chapati and chickpea gravy pictured here at my desk. Today I had idili and samba. Everyday is something new and delicious.

I just realized most of that was food. That’s because the food here is so so so so good.  

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