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So I’ve actually not been living in the monastery for a couple weeks… I’m at a children’s home and still teaching three classes a day at the monastery  But anyway, I live with about 16 awesome children who make me laugh every day. 

The first story is from my language group which I hold every evening over tea with four to five of the kids. I always begin by asking how they are and they cannot say “fine” or “good.” So the kids are saying “fantastic!” and “excellent!” when one girl who really struggles with English says “unhappy.” I ask her friend (whose English is a lot better) why she is unhappy and the girl says “I CANNOT TELL YOU” with dread in her eyes. I laugh awkwardly and say ok, but then she goes “I write?” and I motion to a blank piece of paper. There are three boys and two girls in the group. I wait while she writes and then she slyly holds up the paper so that I can see. 

In large dark writing are the bold words: BECAUSE GIRL PROBLEMS! I fight the urge to crack up as the girl wiggles her eyebrows up and down so that I will get the full effect of the words and I say “ok no problem.” She quickly adds: “we cannot say! secret” pointing at her friend. I am noticing that the boys are picking their noses or in another world, completely unaware of what’s going on. 

Anyway, #becausegirlproblems is now totally a thing. 

I was having another language session in which I played a game where I make them listen to an English song on my iPod and try to listen for what it’s saying. One of the song’s was “I’d Rather Dance” by The Kings of Convenience. A girl and my’s conversation went like this: 

Me: what’s it saying
Girl: Talking, dancing, something
Me: “I’d rather dance with you than talk with you." 
Girl: Oh! So.. (sings) we are dancing … we are talking
Me: No, no… I’d RATHER dance with you THAN talk with you…
Girl: We are talking and then dancing? 
Me: No… no talking, dancing is what we do
Girl: So… much of the dancing… none of the talking… we are doing?
Me: About right.

So those are my two stories of the day. Real blog soon. Much of the dancing, none of the talking to you and have a nice day. 

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