Namaste! namaskara 

We are currently in Bikaner. It has been two months since we started and over a month in India already. Time flies indeed. We are both enjoying it so much and have met tons of great people through guest houses, random connections, and doing things like couchsurfing. Moving around is very different from my time in Africa – living with a family and staying in the same place, but has been positive as well. It’s hard to get to know people as well doing this but the road also acts in funny ways of bringing people together again. 

Now it’s off to what I have been the most excited for – Amistar and the Golden Temple, the holy pilgrimage for the Sikh religion (Harmandir Sahib – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). We will move from there to Dharmsala where the Tibetan government is in exile. It’s getting hotter here, almost 100 degree F today! But now that we are moving out of the desert and to the mountains it should cool down. We are also planning on doing a silent yoga retreat up in Rishikesh which my Dad will be excited to know is where The Beatles went for their yoga-India-meditation stint in the late 1960s. 

Alright! We are all healthy, happy, and have lost less than half our belongings so far so… alls good! Love, 

Logan (and Michael)

PS CHAI IS AWESOME! Chai bohota cha he! I think that’s right. It’s really my only Hindi phrase. 

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