Sri Lanka Good?

Hello all. I’m currently doing one of my least favorite things and typing a long post from an I-product, having found good Internet in Polonnaruwa. I’ll just say a few things.

Sri Lanka good? Is a question we have got a lot in our first week, on trains, on buses, on bikes… But anyway – Yes, Sri Lanka good. Food is good, people are kind and smile when you smile, the sun shines, and the roads are so nice.

We are basically lost in a paradise of hikes, mountains, wildlife, curry, and vitamin d. We have been all over too – and it’s not even a full week yet! We have made Buddhist monk friends, traveled a ton, climbed a rock, and this week we are making a midnight-ascent of mountain. It’s awesome. I’m not really sure who and why and what this is happenin.
So. Here are a few points of ‘thought’
– Michael and I both have spent some time in west Africa that is coloring our experience here. First, how much more developed this place is. Second, tourists.
– there are European tourists everywhere. They speak all these languages. They have funny hats. What are they doing here?
– European tourists = high prices at some places
– admitting that I too am a tourist is an ongoing process. Being in Nigeria was so shocking and out of place for people. I never encountered a tourist or even foreign culture there.
– I miss being able to speak the language so much. And Sinhalese is very beautiful. It’s a constant guilt of mine. I have also been thinking in Yoruba much more lately.
– until 2008/9 Sri Lanka had a brutal civil war ongoing from the 80s. The bounce back in infrastructure and tourism is amazing and barely any signs of the war remain visible to tourist eyes.

Well, more to come when I get by a computer but this is annoying (maybe pictures).

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