The Next Adventure

So we leave in five days! And I’ve just returned to my nasty coffee/brunch addictions of my lovely Portland yoke. Back to spice, rice, showerless nights, and HEAT. The transition hasn’t been difficult. I mean… I have like FIVE PILLOWS in my room… so I can’t be upset about anything.

Transition isn’t really about complaining though. It’s about itch and ache and a certain turning, slowly, painfully, towards new things. I’ve had this quote stuck inside my head for the past couple weeks. I read it in some academic article while I was in honors and can’t quite track down who wrote it, but the sentiment was this: there’s this common lie that ‘history repeats itself’ but that’s not true – history isn’t linear like a line but unfolds like a piece of twisted origami. In this way, history doesn’t repeat itself as much as it reflects itself. Our past and future and present are a mesh of reflections. Transitioning thus has less to do with moving away from a period of time or series of events but is about navigating this scary mirror maze of memory-prisms. 

Ok. Maybe that didn’t make sense. But it’s just a point about transitions. I’ve always been horrible at ‘keeping in touch’ with old friends or people. I attribute this to being a bit of an introvert about emotional things. I tend to willingly let things and people go because I carry them with me. Even if they don’t actively communicate through me, they inform me – my experience and the way I will carry myself for the rest of my life. Thus saying goodbye to Nigeria has been hard because, well, Nigerians don’t really understand that. It’s all about check-ins for my friends and family there. And so I have this guilt – the guilt of forgetting, the appearance of forgetting. 

So these are the thoughts I’m wrestling with as I go into the next adventure. Reflecting, remembering, and carrying. Anyway, enough thought-shtuff. Cool stuff! I’m probably deleting my facebook cause I don’t really use it much anymore. But we’ll see with communication stuff. You can reach me at or through this blog. I’m all packed! Only taking carry-ons for my 5(+?) adventure. I’ve been reading packing lists non-stop all week. I feel light and good about this. We have a whole day in Bangkok!! before we continue on to Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka is shaping up to be a crazy 3-week hiking, exercising, train-ing, walking nature-fest. Which is awesome! Turtles! Elephants? Michael and I are both notoriously bad at picture taking (expect a lot of pictures of stray dogs) but we’ll try. 

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