Ose Mefa

I just finished week six. Woah. In about a week I will be taking most of my exams and by the end of the month I will be headed back to Portland until August 31st when I go to Lagos. I am getting more and more excited about Lagos and then to live and study in Ibadan. I will write more about these two cities later but the coolest and most important bad-ass thing you need to know is that Lagos is the MOST populated city in the whole African continent. On top of that, Ibadan is the largest black African city in terms of size.

But get this, even though Ibadan is the largest African city, it’s population is 1/10 that of the size of Lagos. Crazy. Think about how many people that is in such a small place. Our teacher is from Lagos or Eko in Yoruba. Today, we learned how to give someone directions and after teaching us how to ask for directions our teacher smirked and said “so… you guys are ready for Lagos now, right?" 

TL;DR: Logan has her plane tickets. Is leaving on August 31st for a semester to study in Nigeria.

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